Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pictures from 1st May, 2012 - 6th May, 2012

It is May already.
 I have been participating in this photo a day challenge
for most of the year now.
I did miss a few days in March
but other than that, I have been pretty regular with my challenge posts.
This month's challenge has wonderful themes to keep our cameras occupied.

This week, I thought of sharing my pictures in the form of collage and in a random fashion.
I created these using Photovisi
in order to have more options than those offered by Picasa 3.

I started with a basic theme for collage

The first picture is for prompt - Peace (May 1st, 2012)
The lines are photographed from a poster in my room.

The next picture is for May 4th, 2012.
Fun - so many animals in a conference - absolute fun.
And a cat sitting next to a dog - real fun.
These are the toys my nephew plays with and it is fun to see him playing with them.

The next theme I chose for my collage was from the category Organic.

Starting clockwise
3rd May, 2012 - Something you wore
5th May, 2012 - Bird
6th May, 2012 - You
and 2nd May, 2012 - Skyline

Something you wore :
Contact lens, kajal and a golden watch - somethings I wore on 3rd May, 2012
Very uncharacteristic for me - and all three things
I usually prefer my specs to lens
and a silver watch to golden.
Add to it, I actually used kajal.
A real achievement. I have had an eye liner for two years now
but have never used it once.
I have no explanation for any of this.

Bird :
I chose a pigeon again.
Well to put it, pigoen was the only bird that was in vicinity.
Almost all of my bird pictures have been with pigeons.
I will share my collection of these in the next post.
Oh Yes! I have enough to share in a separate post.

You :
I tried playing around with my picture.
Adding effects to it.
I liked the one with pencil sketch on a book page very much.

Skyline :
This is early morning.
When sun is about to rise.
I find that the most beautiful times of the day.
The fresh morning air,
the waking up to a sunny day,
getting ready for the day ahead.

Have a blessed week ahead.
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  1. Ruby, I just love to read your posts! Nice pictures, and a creative way to display them. I got a kick out of your description of the "what you wore" prompt - who knows why we do some of the things we do :) Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you, Catherine. It makes me so happy to be able to share my world and my thoughts with you. You too have a fabulous week ahead.

  2. I enjoyed this post both words and creative collages.

    1. Thank you Carver. Your appreciation is quite an encouragement.


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